While Bitcoin network activity is on a record chase, the overall crypto market is witnessing rising capital inflows that are pushing the cryptocurrency back towards $40,000.

Only briefly lasted the respite that the bulls took after the efforts of the last few weeks. With a 24-hour plus of over 9 percent, the bitcoin price seamlessly resumed where it had stopped at the beginning of the week. At press time, the digital currency is trading at $38,379, putting it back in position for an assault on the $40,000 mark.

Bitcoin price in the weekly chart

While the Bitcoin Profit is struggling to bottom above the symbolic key mark, almost the entire crypto market starts the trading day under good omens. On a daily basis, the top 10 coins are gaining in value, in some cases significantly, with the DeFi coins Polkadot (DOT) and Chainlink (LINK) leading the way with double-digit price gains.

With a strong 69 percent dominance over the altcoins, crypto bandwagon Bitcoin is gradually leading the overall market back toward all-time highs. Overnight, total market capitalization has once again passed the US$1 trillion mark in Bitcoin’s wake, falling just US$10 billion short of the preliminary peak.

Bitcoin network activity

However, indicators at the network level also show a continued growth trend. While total market capitalization is only a few meters away from an all-time high, on-chain activity has already set a new record high with around 1,343,000 BTC addresses actively in use as of January 6. With over 1,100,000 addresses sending or receiving transactions, the figure remains at peak levels and underscores exceedingly brisk trading activity on the Bitcoin Blockchain.

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Here, the figure is fed by an increase in both new and wealthy wallets. As the chart below from Glassnode shows, the number of newly registered BTC addresses, which has been rising consistently in recent months, continues to catch up toward an all-time high. Even though the value can be driven up by multiple addresses managed by individuals, the metric reveals a rising demand among new investors for Bitcoin.

New Bitcoin addresses

Meanwhile, the Whale population is also rising sharply. With over 2,400 of the Bitcoin whale genus, the number of investors holding 1,000 or more Bitcoin is also at record levels. The chart shows that the entry of institutional investors into the market correlates strongly with the Bitcoin price fireworks of recent months. No wonder, after all, they are accumulating considerable amounts of BTC and thus steadily tightening the bitcoin supply in circulation.
Bitcoin whales

Putting the pieces of the puzzle together, an exceedingly bullish picture emerges for the coming weeks. Consistent increases among both new and large investors form the basis for a lasting Bitcoin rally.