Bitcoin Trading App – BISON cracks 1 billion Euro trading volume

Many German users trade their Bitcoin (BTC) via the crypto app from BISON. BISON is operated by the Stuttgart Stock Exchange Group and has now broken the one billion Euro mark for trading volume in 2020.

BISON is a smartphone app that enables users to buy Bitcoin and Co. The trading partner is EUWAX AG, a financial services provider regulated in Germany. Since the beginning of the year, the subsidiary Immediate Bitcoin of the Stuttgart Stock Exchange has achieved a trading volume of one billion euros.

In addition, the number of users has increased by around 180 percent in 2020. Currently, 206,000 users regularly use the Bison app. Only at the end of March did the Bitcoin Trading App crack the mark of 100,000 active users.

Record trading volume in November

In November 2020 alone, BISON set new record trading volumes on several days, exceeding 35 million euros a day. The managing director of BISON-App Dr. Ulli Spankowski commented on these developments:

The increase in users and trading volume at BISON in the current year has far exceeded our expectations. The positive development shows that with simple and reliable trading we are making the right offer in an exciting market environment for crypto currencies.

New functions are constantly being added to the Bitcoin Trading App. Recently, customers have been able to transfer money to BISON from a private wallet to Ripple (XRP) in addition to Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC). A total of 72 nationalities are already able to use the BISON app if they have their main residence in the European Economic Area or Switzerland.